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Cannabis For Losing Weight

       Myth or Fact? They mentioned that legalizing cannabis, a substance notorious for driving cravings of Cheetos, cookies, and chips, seems a dangerous prospect for a country already struggling with the highest obesity rate in the world. Scientifically, there is at least some evidence to support the old trope about weed enthusiasts’ insatiable craving for munchies. But other studies have shown ...[Read More]

Cannabis In Fighting Obesity

         Obesity isn’t just hurtful in physical appearance but it’s a health crisis affecting people of all ages, sexes, and socio-economic standards. The levels of obesity across the world have risen dramatically over the last 30 years, and health authorities are calling it one of the biggest epidemics of our time. Recently, cannabis has received a lot of media attention, with some ar...[Read More]

Be A Marijuana Grower And Neer Get Caught

    Growing marijuana indoor is great. I just love the process of growing! Not only is it a fun and rewarding hobby on its own, growing your own supply of marijuana saves tons of money compared to buying it. Plus, you basically get access to unlimited amounts of the highest quality weed! What could be better, right? Well, there is one big problem with growing… the fact that growing marijuana...[Read More]

Supplements For Cannabis During Heat Stress

           High temperatures will definitely make  growing cannabis a lot harder. The droopiness, nutrient deficiencies and overall slow growth are common symptoms of heat stress, whether your plants are indoors or outdoors! We know the process of controling heat indoors, as well as how to help outdoor plants during a heatwave, but are there any marijuana supplements that boost the plant’s a...[Read More]